Monday, December 28, 2009

Eiffel Tower Valentine's Day Craft

Now that Christmas has come and gone I've turned my attention to planning my Valentine's Day decorations. The Christmas decorations will stay up until at least New Year's Day, but I wanted to get a jump start on my Valentine's Day decorations since I didn't manage to finish all of my Christmas decorations in time for Christmas this year. I started by searching the websites of my favorite home decor magazines and was surprised at how few decorating ideas there are for Valentine's Day compared to other holidays. Most of the magazine websites seemed to focus on recipes for Valentine's Day rather than decorations. Still, after seeing these two delicious looking photos on Country Living's website, I'm pretty sure I want to decorate with purple and pink rather than red.

Photograph courtesy of Country Living.

Photograph courtesy of Country Living.

So far I've bought two pink felt placemats from Home Goods and purple and gold votive holders (5 total on clearance as part of after Christmas sale) at Target. I also have a glitter Valentine's Day sign left over from last year.

Pink felt Valentine's Day placemat from Home Goods.

Gold/Purple Votive Candle Holders available at Target.

I thought one of these cute glitter Eiffel Towers from kazalis's shop on etsy would look great as a Valentine's Day centerpiece.

Sparkly Eiffel Towers $8.00 each at kazalis's shop on etsy.

Instead of buying one I'm trying to make my own. I found a pattern online on flickr (pillpat's photostream) and printed it out onto card stock.

Eiffel Tower template page 1 and page 2.

So far, it's going pretty well. I could assemble the tower faster if my daughter didn't keep trying to eat the cut outs :) I'll probably have better luck finishing this project during her nap time. I may even make a few more depending on how the first one turns out.


Paisley said...

This is way too ambitous for right after Christmas for me. You are definietly not a procrastinator! Can't wait to see the finished eiffel tower!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Ooohhh, I love this!! I am usually not a glittery gal, but I love these! The "paper" one is super cool too. Very talented. Thanks for sharing. :-)


Michele Ashman Bell said...

Did you end up making the Eiffel Towers sparkly? If so, what did you use?

Iffer said...

Yes, I used a foam brush to apply glue to the paper tower then I applied pink glitter. See the completed tower in this post:

Teresa said...

This is lovely ... thanks so much for the link to the eiffel tower cutout.

Maria Allesch said...

I think these would make great centerpieces for my daughter's upcoming school dance. Their theme is A Night in Paris. Thank you!

Maria Allesch said...

Thank you for sharing! Great idea for centerpieces at French themed Father Daughter Dance this Spring.